‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Reigns Queen of Box Office


Photo courtesy of Fox

Actor Rami Malek, who performed as Freddie Mercury, brought to the life the spunk and charisma of Queen’s foot-stomping performances in the film.

Laura Renfroe, Staff Writer

Rhapsodic energy pulsed through the Live Aid concert crowd while Freddie Mercury and Queen performed their greatest hits in emotional spirits as the crowd clapped and roared along to each song of the band’s electrifying finale together. Little did they know this would be one of the last performances of Freddie’s life.

When you think of the band Queen, you might picture radiantly colorful and wild outfits and retro hairstyles; perhaps lyrics like “mamma mia, let me go…” or “…we are the champions…” might start playing on repeat in your head.

However, new movie release Bohemian Rhapsody provides an inspiring biopic in celebration of Freddie Mercury’s life and paints a whole new picture of Freddie’s struggles and lifestyle.

Bohemian Rhapsody follows the phenomenal and emotional rise to fame of Queen’s music and the life of extraordinary vocalist Freddie Mercury. Movie-goers follow Queen’s revolutionary songs and performances over the world as the talented cast portray the band’s legacy. Flamboyant Freddie Mercury discovers the band in hopes to start his career, performing at local venues, unaware that soon they would be performing on international stages.

Freddie Mercury had a strong stage presence, despite his lack of confidence in his personal life. He enraptured the crowd with his personality, keeping the audience under his spell throughout his whole performance.

As the band thrives and rocks the world with their charisma, Mercury takes a dark turn, breaking away from the band. He struggles with insecurities and uncertainty of being an outcast because of his sexuality and becomes negatively influenced. Mercury showcased both the ups and downs of a rockstar life. He discovers he is diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, unsure of how much time he has left.

“I think trying to remove this kind of nagging idea that Freddie means everything to everyone — and he is an hero and icon for so many people and everyone appreciates him in their own unique way, their own personal way, that I could never be all of those things to everyone. I had to bring some of my own humanity to this to attempt to blend with his,” Freddie Mercury actor Malek said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Will Mercury be able to reunite with his band in the end?

Bohemian Rhapsody offers a comical and fabulous biography of Queen’s rise, filled with strong acting, embellished costumes, and emotional and riveting scenes.

The film sends an inspiring message to outsiders and dreamers and has undoubtedly stolen the show at movie theaters. The movie debuted with a shocking $50 million in US box offices, and $72.5 million internationally, despite the fact that some critics complain about flawed plots and sloppy storytelling.

Nonetheless, many fans, including me, thought Bohemian Rhapsody was a perfect exhibition of one of the most beloved bands in the history of rock music.

Despite troubles with production, the cast was positive the film would be completed.

“We always knew it was going to be done. Because everyone was so invested in it. Everyone was very, very passionate about this film — cast and crew. So even on the toughest days, we all looked at each other and we knew we’d get each other through,” Gwilym Lee, who plays guitarist Brian May, said.

“In the face of adversity, there was an incredible bond between everybody on set. There was a certainty that it was going to get done, that it was going to get finished,” said May.

The film ended with a stunningly sensational recreation of the iconic Live Aid performance.   

“You walk out there on that stage as it was replicated from the day, and there was a feeling like you could never imagine of extreme euphoria. You just need to live up to that moment,” actor Rami Malek said to USA Today about the astonishing scene.

“Everyone, from me to the caterer, was out there clapping along to the songs and cheering on (the actors), because it was all about the atmosphere and energy,” producer Graham King said.

Queen showed up on screens of about a billion televisions during the Live Aid concert, sold millions of albums (even more than the Beatles in the UK for a time), and toured all over the world; and their music continues to live on to this day as the world still sings along to Queen’s invigorating songs.

The band defied stereotypes and shared their unique tunes with the world- and became one of the most iconic bands of their time, and perhaps music history.

Bohemian Rhapsody was released November 2 and is currently still in theatres. It is directed by Bryan Singer under 20th Century Fox and Regency Enterprises. I definitely recommend going to see this movie; it is worth your time. Whether you are a Queen fan or not, you will undeniably be singing along and enjoying the movie’s flair and wit.

The movie whipped up the perfect blend of music, love, happiness, and tragedy. Actor Rami Malek played the perfect recreation of Freddie Mercury, capturing the snazzy charm of the singer.

“He doesn’t look exactly like Mercury, but embodies him head to toe. His performance carries the film, and is filled with heart even in some of Mercury’s darker moments,” Cnet writer Patrick Holland claimed.

“On stage, Malek is outlandish, flirty and mesmerizing as he swaggers and preens with the real Mercury’s confidence.”

Bohemian Rhapsody will positively “rock you” with its charm. For now, it is the “champion” of the box office, displaying an encouraging commemoration of Queen’s story, dazzling movie-goers, including me. I left the theatre with positive energy and Queen songs playing on a loop in my mind.

Chris Aronson, distribution chief for 20th Century Fox, said, “It really is a celebration of Queen and their music.”