The Winning Season Is This Season


Machandra Forest Wilder

Cedrick Wilder on the field listens for the next play from Coach Williams.

Tiara Collier , Staff Writer

Last Friday night, the first round of playoffs the Pelahatchie Chieftains came out with a victorious win over the West Lincoln Bears. The final score was 55-6.

Every Friday night the Pelahatchie High School football teams step onto the field with a winning mindset. From the beginning of the season until now the boys have only had one loss against Mobile Christian.

These boys have formed a bond with each other that drives them to work together as a team and come out with a win. From the coaches, cheerleaders, teachers, and local fans the Pelahatchie High School football team has a very strong support system that stands behind them every step of the way.

Players and coaches pour it all out on the field in an effort to prevail. Fans pack the stands to support and cheer on student-athletes they know and have relationships with.

There’s a genuine love and desire to see the team and players do well. Senior football player JP stated, “Football is something that all of us love to play, we work together as team to come out on top every Friday. We have had many people doubt this year but we have proved all of the doubters wrong in every way.”

Each player on the football team has a specific job to do and once each person has done their “job,” the outcome is another win. Cedrick Wilder, another senior player said, “there’s a lot of time and effort we put into football and it’s because we love it. I would rather do nothing else but play the sport I love and win.”

The team looks forward to their next big game against Bay Springs. The Chiefs will host the second of playoffs Friday, November 9 looking to rip Bay Springs apart and continue on to the next round.