Why Give Hate When U Can Give Love?


The Hate U Give was released on October 5th of this year and has made $3.5 million in profit

Dessi Thomas , Staff Writer

Police Brutality and  #Black Lives Matter has put a toll on most people throughout the world. Just imagining what African Americans are faced with in reality relating to the movie is very heartbreaking. This movie explores modern-day racism and activism.

I went and saw the movie The Hate U Give in theaters on October 5, one month after it was released. The book was an incredible read, and I have been waiting for the movie to come out.  This film was groundbreaking and had my emotions all over the place. I cried throughout the whole movie. The movie tells about the life of a 16 year old African American girl who tries to bring justice to a childhood friend who she witnesses get shot.

The story was very well written and the acting was astonishing. Amandla Stenberg, who plays the main character Starr, did an excellent job. You could deeply feel and see the pain in her eyes. The intenseness that it gave off had me on the edge of my seat, especially during the “supposed to be peaceful” protest. Everyone was screaming “Justice for Khalil” and tear gas was thrown amongst the crowd.

The critics on Rotten Tomatoes rated it an 8.1/10. The majority of the critics found the movie to be very emotional and powerful. Critic Sharronda Williams said that she was crying from the beginning to the end. She says that this is a movie that clearly explains what it is like to be an African American in today’s world. She also states that everybody should go and see this movie. I highly agree with what she says because the movie brings everyday racial conflicts to the big screen and makes it more recognizable around the world.

I love the book and the film, and I completely recommend both.