Good Music, Bad Vibe

Michelle Moore, Staff Writer

 music true sounds First to start off mostly everyone has a favorite song. People in the United States love to listen to music, but mostly the younger generations. We always have earbuds or headphones in, drifting off in space utterly looking hypnotized.  There different types of music. There is Blues, hip hop, reggae, pop ,and gospel.

Rap music of this day and age is so scrutinized and so explicit to youth that rappers talk about robbing and killing and drugs in their music. The kids take heed to the things rapper  talk about, which leads to kids being locked up or in prison, or worse, dead. Teen try to be something that they are not. It is very smart to think with his or her own brain and have thoughts of the consequences that come behind doing something regretful. People should not let something they do for 60 seconds get them 60 years. These rappers or musicians whatever you want to call them get paid millions of dollars to talk about something they really don’t do; it just sounds good especially to teenagers. If teens took a look at the news today, teens would see another young black man killed or being thrown in jail.

Not all music is bad. Some music has really good lyrics and has a good vibes; most of all my friends listen to country music, maybe even pop such as Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is known to be the king of pop; millions or even billions of people around the world  listen to him, even my grandmother.