An Overview of JROTC

Denver Sturgill, Staff Writer

JROTC is designed to teach high school students the value of leadership, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment, while instilling in them self-esteem, teamwork and self-discipline.

The mission of JROTC is “to motivate young people to become better citizens.”

There are two instructors: Lieutenant Colonel, “Greg Hargett” and Sergeant First Class, “John Gough”. JROTC stands for Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps. There are a variety of activities that take place.

Each student, from grades 9 to 12,  that are in JROTC starts out at a private rank. Each cadet must wear a uniform when instructed. The dates vary depending on the instructors.  

The uniform consists of a pair of trousers, shoes (must be shined), black socks, shirt, black belt, and buckle. The cadets that wear the uniform are part of the 1% who wears a military uniform.

The material covered in the program varies throughout the year, with segments of leadership training, basics of citizenship and other topics related to the U.S. Army.

The Army JROTC curriculum also covers topics such as U.S. Military History, first aid, human relations, good techniques for oral communication, drill and ceremony, military map reading, personal hygiene, marksmanship, orienteering, and staff functions and procedures.

There are teams such as color guard, rifle team, and more.

Gage Pharris, a current JROTC member of Pelahatchie High School said, “JROTC helps you with life choices and helps you build character.”