PHS JROTC Begins to Perfect Techniques for Another JPA Inspection


Sergeant Purvis

JROTC Companies A (Pelahatchie) and B (Puckett) stand in formation after the inspection during the school year of 17-18.

Jessica Smith, Staff Writer

JROTC Cadets have begun the process of preparing for their biggest event of the year. Feelings of stress and nervousness have started showing on several faces, while the time to perform inches closer day by day.

Students who are involved in ROTC have already started bringing in their uniform jackets so that it can be critiqued to perfection before next Friday. Colonel Hargett and the Battalion Staff have worked hard to perfect the Continuous Improvement and the Service Learning Project presentations. Although nerves have gotten to several cadets, the Battalion Staff members and cadets who have had experience are steadily encouraging the ones who are new to this process.

The JPA Inspection is something that the JROTC Program does every year. All of the cadets participate and pitch in to help make the inspection the best that it can be. There are three divisions within the inspection itself, and those divisions are Staff, In-ranks formation, and Color Guard.

Staff consists of the Battalion Commander and the Command Staff who assist the commander through everything. There are eight staff positions and all of them have a designated job that keeps the program running smoothly. Each year during inspection the staff breaks off, and they brief Colonel Brown, the District Army Instructor, on what the Battalion is doing as a whole to improve the JROTC Program.

On the other hand, the In-ranks formation consists of the cadets who are not on staff. They stand in formation, while Sergeant Major Fitts inspects them individually. There are cadets who hold higher positions within that section, so that everything runs smoothly on that part of the inspection.

Last but not least, the Color Guard performs after everyone else is finished with their task. Color Guard is one of the most important things in JROTC, and it is something that the instructors and cadets involved really focus on.

As time for the annual inspection inches closer, cadets are preparing and critiquing their uniforms and themselves. Colonel Hargett said, “The Battalion and the Command Staff are doing a excellent job preparing for the inspection, and we expect great results.” Inspection will take place on November 16, 2018, on the Pelahatchie campus.