Big Game Calls for Good Food

Dana Bennett, Staff Writer

On November 2, the Pelahatchie High School staff fed the football players before the playoff game that was held at the Pelahatchie football field at 7 p.m.

The football players ate steak, potato salad, cookies, string beans, and chips.

According to Tariq Dampeer, a sophomore at Pelahatchie High School, “The teachers have been very supportive as we go on our journey to state championships. They fed us for our big game, and they fed us good.”

Bob Robinson, AG teacher at Pelahatchie High School, hosted the lunch in his shop, and cooked the steak. Kelsey Nobles and Amy Till helped organize it and helped with some of the food.

“Mrs. Nobles has always been a big help when it comes to football. She is one of our biggest supporters” said Jacob Jordan, sophomore at Pelahatchie High School.

This year in football the Chiefs are 4-0 in the district and 11-1 overall.