Lady Chiefs Soccer Team Still Undefeated


Reagan Sanders

Shelby Surkin before a varsity soccer game against Vicksburg High.

Tiara Collier , Staff Writer

The 2018-2019 Lady Chiefs began their season on November 27, 2018. With many new members on the team the girls expected this year to be a little different.

But it’s turned out to be a good difference. The Lady Chiefs are currently undefeated, 7-0.

Coach Randal Creel  practices his team every A-day after school from 3:15 to 4:30. The girls work on shooting drills, dribbling the ball, communicating, and teamwork skills.

Soccer player Aliza Myers stated, “I really love how well we work together. We actually communicate with each other during to game making it a lot easier to move to play around and score a goal.” Coming onto the field everyday helps each and every player find herself and helps each other in many different aspects.

Starting player Jacey Cooper said, “This soccer season has been one of the best yet. We work together as a team and communicate more, it’s been great so far!” Jacey Cooper was recently in the running for player of the week.

Even though she may not have won, the team still looks at her as the true player of the week. This Pelahatchie soccer team has a great support system.

Recently, the student body fed the soccer team breakfast and also had a dress up day for them. The girls played on a Monday, and the dress up day was to wear crazy socks and to “knock their socks off.”

The girls always have a wide range of support each game. The next game is on December 20 at Mclaurin High School.