PHS Newspaper Staff Sold Raffles for Turkey Day

Dessi Thomas, Staff Writer

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The Pelahatchie High School newspaper staff had an opportunity at earning money for one of their fundraisers. Due to Mr. Bob not selling turkeys this year for Thanksgiving, the staff took advantage and decided to sell raffle tickets.

The purpose for selling the tickets was to raise money for the staff to go to the Mississippi Scholastic Press Association on April 1 of this upcoming year, which will take place at Ole Miss. It costed $25 per student to go, plus the cost of the driver and gas.

The staff started selling the tickets at the beginning of November, and the deadline was November 15. The winner of the raffle was announced on Friday, November 16 before the school let out for Thanksgiving break.

The tickets cost $1 a piece. When a ticket was purchased, the buyer’s name and phone number was written at the top and placed in a bowl come raffle day. If the ticket was drawn, he or she would receive a $25 gift card to Kroger. There was no limit on how many tickets that could be bought. If a person were to buy multiple tickets, his or her chance at possibly winning went up because each ticket bought was placed in the drawing bowl. The staff made a total of $160 from the raffle. Unfortunately, the goal for the trip wasn’t reached from this fundraiser and will hopefully be achieved from the next one.

Ms. Woodson, who is a math teacher at Pelahatchie, was the winner of the $25 gift card. “I was like oh wow, I won? I only purchased 2 tickets,” said Woodson.