Before the Break Begins, Exams Must End


Pictured above are a couple examples of Mrs. Greene’s techniques, including a Table of Elements, study guide, and buzzers for the Jeopardy games.

Mckenzie Ferguson, Staff Writer

Students take exams each semester of the school year. They are loaded down with tons of study material so that they have a higher chance of getting a good grade. It all seems so stressful for students to prepare for their tests, but what about the teachers? How do you think they feel during this time?

Mrs. Greene, teacher at Pelahatchie High School, decided to share her feelings towards our semester exams. “A comprehensive exam will make sure you are applying your teaching correctly. It’s good to have these exams so you can see the growth of the class.” She also mentioned how she feels that students are ready for these exams, as well as, “taking in a sufficient amount of time to review.”

Mrs. Greene plans on preparing her classes by “playing review games, like jeopardy, providing review quizzes on, and providing a study guide.” These techniques have seemed to really help students out. Using these techniques to be prepared, seems like a way to have some fun, and also try to relax a little.

According to one student, Greene’s techniques help out a tremendous amount. Hannah Steadham, a junior at Pelahatchie High School, said, “Mrs. Greene takes into consideration everything we have problems with. She teaches to a way that we understand what she’s trying to get across. If we are the slightest bit confused, she goes back and finds out where things might have gone wrong and explains it to us again.”

When it comes to exams, stress is an automatic reaction. There’s eight different classes, so there’s eight different subjects the students have to study for. Having a teacher who takes that into consideration is beyond appreciated.