Christmas Questionnaire Creates Cheerfulness

Brianna Rowland and Jessica Smith, Staff Writers

Though the weather outside is frightful, Pelahatchie students and staff members are still delightful and delighted. Several staff members and students were selected to participate in a Christmas based questionnaire so that the Pelahatchie community can see the different feelings other people have towards Christmas.

While a large variety of personalities were present in the questionnaire, there were many obvious similarities. Brittney Adcox, Gaven Boydstun, Cheyenne Jackson, and Hart Adams all said that their favorite Christmas food is dressing. And while dressing is a more traditional food, there were many answers that were quite off the wall, including caramel cake, chex mix, and steak.

Another thing that many of the surveyors had in common was what Christmas means to them. Mrs. McMillian, Dr. Birchfield, Mr. Bradford, Mr. Cotnam, Caden Stansbury, Gregory Beemon, Katie Bayliss, Hart Adams, and Chandler Rust all said that Christmas is a time for remembering the birth of Jesus Christ and for spending time with family.

“Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ,” Mrs. McMillian stated. And Chandler Rust said, “What makes that special is that we celebrate the birth of our Creator, and that’s just always been a really big part of my family.”

Some questions, however, highlighted the uniqueness of families and the way they celebrate the holiday season. Cheyenne Jackson’s family tradition is having a white Christmas tree, while Mrs. McMillian’s family cuts their own trees.

Another difference that was shown was the favorite characters of the Christmas season, the answers ranging anywhere from the Grinch, according to Chandler Rust, to baby Jesus himself, according to Gregory Beemon.
While there are various ways students and staff celebrate Christmas, they all believe that it is a time for cheerfulness and celebration. And they want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


From left to right: Brittany Adcox, Hart Adams, Brennen Ryals, and Macey Bowman getting into the Christmas spirit
Gaven Boydstun getting into the Christmas spirit
From left to right: Mr. Bradford, Mrs. McMillian, Dr. Burchfield getting into the Christmas spirit
From left to right, back to front: Caden Stansbury, Chandler Rust, Daniel Shaw, and Mikaylee Hester getting into the Christmas spirit