Cheer Competition Has Begun


This picture was snapped during the beginning of the routine when the cheerleaders danced to the music “Sloopy.”

Collins Doster, Staff Writer

The Pelahatchie High School cheer team competed for their very first time at the Convention Center in Jackson on December 2. The cheerleaders arrived at the Convention Center in time to compete around 3:30pm. Before performing the team had ten minutes to warm up their routine backstage.

The cheerleaders are signed up in the non tumbling game day section. The game day section contains spiriting, stuntings, cheer signs, and megs. All those elements are used throughout the routine, which is splitinto four sections.

The cheerleaders first danced to the music “Sloopy;” then they spirit to their situational sideline cheer, which is a cheer for offense or defense.After the cheerleaders finish the situational sideline they spirit and set up for another cheer. The last part of the routine is when the cheer team performs their dance to their fight song.

To prepare for the competition the cheer team added 6:00a.m practices the week of competition and also performanced in front of the school that friday. Recently, the cheer coach Mrs. Herrington stated, “The dedication of the team has been extraordinary, 6am practices are hard on everyone, but all of the team members have shown up and given their all.”

The cheer team’s  next competition will be on December 15 at 2:58pm. The competition on the 15 will be the real competition where teams can win rings. The reason why the Pelahatchie cheerleaders signed up for the Dixie competition was to prepare for the competition on the 15.

After their performance at Dixie, the cheer team was given two weeks to perfect and change any mistakes they made at Dixie. The team goes off of the Dixie judges’ feedback and comments on what they’d what to see changed or improved.

The cheer team has come a long way. Mrs Herrington stated, “Being a competitive team has truly altered the view of cheerleading and has made us a better team for it.”