Seniors Take on Hinds College Day


Students taking a journey through hinds, thinking about possible enrollment.

Hannah Easterling, Staff Writer

On November 30, 2018, seniors of Pelahatchie High attended Hinds Community College for their college day. Part of the senior class left Pelahatchie Attendance Center at 9:30 A.M. to take a trip to Hinds and the Outlets of Mississippi immediately following.

Seniors were encouraged to take part in this trip to figure out possible majors and even possible enrollment at Hinds Community College.

Brani Johns, counselor at Pelahatchie High, said, “ It was not hard to set up. Doctor Sessions sent a personal invitation and asked us to come.”  Mrs. Johns believes that this trip was critical for Pelahatchie seniors. “It’s very important to tour at least three colleges of more.”

The people at Hinds were very well prepared for this college day. It was set up to push students past their comfort zones to see all the possibilities for their future. Students sometimes struggle with asking questions or talking to random strangers at a college day, so Hinds set up games at some of the booths set up. Students are drawn to games, and that helps the students to be more open to a conversation about their future education.

Mrs. Johns pushed a few students to talk to a few recruiters, and because of that, those students found new interest they would like to look into for their college experience.

Following the college day, the seniors were given the opportunity to shop at the Outlets of Mississippi in Pearl. Some students used that as a chance to buy christmas gifts for friends and family, and others used it as a chance to just hang out with friends.

The Hinds College Day was very successful and beneficial to students.