Chiefs Take Tough Loss Against Rebels


Devo Irvin, Staff Writer

The Pelahatchie Chiefs Varsity boys basketball team traveled to Scott County December 11 to face off against the Scott Central Rebels. After coming off a loss last Friday against the defending 3A State Champions, St. Andrew Saints, the Chiefs came prepared to play hard and leave Scott County with a win.

At the beginning of the first quarter, the Chiefs immediately began to play aggressive and fast as they built a slight lead. With them scoring easily on offensive, this made the Chiefs play defense more efficiently, as they knew it would lead to them producing offensively.

After a well played first quarter the Chiefs were in the lead.

The Chiefs came into the second quarter with the same style of play and continued to play aggressive defense, which proved to be effective for them to score on offense.

The Chiefs were led by Freshman guard, Daizjon Collier and Junior Forward, Ahmad Johnson. However, there were small mistakes made by the Chiefs that caused the Chiefs lead to be cut down by the Rebels.

Going into the halftime both team were playing well, as the scores remained close.

The Chiefs continued playing the same way they played from the beginning. However the Chiefs began to make more defensive mistakes, which led to the Rebels being able to keep the score close.

With the game being so close, both teams continued to find ways to take advantage of the other team’s weakness and come out with the win. During the final minutes of the quarter the Chiefs made some minor mistakes that would put the Rebels up by 4. With there being questionable call being made by the refs and there being no stoppage to the clock, the Chiefs ended up losing a close game by 6 points.

The final score was 48-54.

“Even with a tough loss like this, we’ve never played this well as a whole,” said Daizjon Collier.

The Chiefs are now preparing to host the McLaurin Tigers this Friday.