Pelahatchie FFA Rises to the Top


Award winners stand with Mr. Bob after competitions.

Levi Goldman, Staff Writer

On December 6, Pelahatchie FFA competed at federation with every student that participated from Pelahatchie to the next round (South State).

There were many people and teams that participated in the competition, such as the opening and closing team, high school prepared public speaking(Anna Grace Carter), 9th grade creed (Adlyn Till), high school creed (Chloe Walters), high school extemporaneous speaking (Levi Goldman) and junior high opening and closing.

Anna Grace Carter said, “It made me feel pride knowing that we can do that and it boosts our confidence knowing that we can compete with higher tier schools like Brandon and confidence in myself. ”

Adlyn Till said, “I was so shocked and excited to know that I won.”

All people that were participating in competitions moved up to the next stage of competitions which is South State and after that is State.

The competitions are pretty hard; for example, opening and closing have a team that holds a meeting that has to be opened and closed. All members of the team have a specific part to learn.

Those participating in prepared public speaking must have a speech they have a speech already made and must deliver it and be judged on it.

Those preparing the Creed speaking portion must memorize the FFA creed and speak it in front of judges.

Those preparing extemporaneous speaking must go into a room and receive a topic that they have 30 minutes to use for speech writing. This must be delivered to some judges for at least 4 to 7 minutes