Christmas Creativity Articles

Christmas photo credit to the Royal Opera House

Students were asked to take a Christmas song and Christmas character and come up with a Christmas-based article. Here are the top winners of the holiday challenge!


Article 1: Tayla Martin

Christmas Song: “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” Character: Mrs. Claus

Mrs.Claus Rocks While Santa is Gone to Town

You better not cry, I’m telling you why, Mrs.Claus is rockin around the Christmas tree. On December 24 Santa Claus set out for town to deliver Christmas presents after checking his list twice. Soon after his departure rooty toot toots and rummy tum tums could be heard from all corners of the North Pole.


Mrs.Claus whipped out the loud speakers and strobe lights and invited all of the elves to rock out with her. She fixed eggnog. The elves and her blasted Christmas songs all night long.


Eyewitness Abominable Snowman tells us that he was awakened by rainbow lights flying all around his room and the thumping in his cave. “I walked outside and I could see elves jumping from the roof while Mrs.Claus shooted encouragements from below while chugging eggnog,” Snowman states with annoyance in his voice.


Snowman, finally fed up with the distrudence, called the police. The police arrived on scene to find Mrs.Claus trying to throw gingerbread men into the mouths of awaiting elves, Lala and Snowball. “Santa is a busy man, He has no time to play!! I just wanted to have some fun for once!” Mrs.Claus tells police as her reasoning for throwing her outrageous party.

Mrs.Claus was taken into police custody along with twenty elves. They spent the night in a North Pole PD jail cell and were released to Santa Claus the next morning. Officer Charlie Box, head deputy at NPPD, tells us that Mrs.Claus and the elves have been put on reindeer clean up duty until next Christmas comes around.


Article 2: Jessica Smith

Character: Santa Claus Song: Here Comes Santa Claus

Here Comes Santa “Claws”

Bells are ringing, children crying, all is scary and dark, so cover your head and say your prayers because Santa “Claws” comes tonight. Every year is filled with happiness and joyfulness until the month of December rolls around.

Earlier today there was a newscast that come across all electronic devices with breaking news that Jack Skellington had been found dead in his front yard. The news reporter, the Grinch, said that Skellington’s bones were scattered and his clothes had been left in tatters.

According to the Grinch, the primary suspect is Santa “Claws.” The thing that has led the detectives to this suspicion was the eyewitness, Buddy the Elf, who was supposed to be an accomplice to the crime committed.

Buddy the Elf said, “Once I realized what was fixing to take place, I wanted out. Santa would not let me flee at first, and I had to break away. I ran and hid close to the scene to see if he would actually go through with it.”

Buddy the Elf told Detective Snow all the details of that night including the sleigh marks and hoofprints left by Santa “Claws” himself. Detective Snow listened carefully, and he got his team of Gingerbread Men to start planning how to capture Santa “Claws.” Snow also decided to put Buddy the Elf in witness protection just in case the suspect tried to come after him next.

The team decided to wait until the night of December 25th to catch Santa “Claws” at his very first stop. They knew that he would come around when the chimes ring out that it’s Christmas night again.

Detective Snow and his team of Gingerbread Men suited up with their candy caned themed bulletproof vests and their weapons. They also brought the special Christmas dust that made suspects faint on the spot when the dust was thrown at them. They did not know if the dust would work on Santa “Claws,” but they bought it just in case.

The team pulled up a few houses down from The Abominable Snowman’s house which was rumored to be Santa “Claw’s” first stop that night. They waited for what seemed like forever, but then they heard the sleigh bells ringing. Then Santa “Claws” appeared.

Detective Snow demanded they start engaging on him as soon as he landed, and the team followed orders. Santa “Claws” realized that he was fixing to be ambushed, so he turned and went the other way while throwing his own “magic dust” down below. He made the Gingerbread Men faint and left Detective Snow in shock not knowing what to do next. Santa “Claws” laughed his evil and went his merrily way.

The following morning the reporter, the Grinch, started a news broadcast with Detective Snow present. Detective Snow said, “We thought that we had Santa “Claws” last night; however, we did not catch him.”

So now it is time to lock your doors and say your prayers because Santa “Claws” will be back next year.

Article 3: Bri Rowland

Character: Jack Skellington     Song: Grandma got run over by a reindeer

Jack Got Run Over by a Reindeer

Walking home from his neighbors house Christmas Eve, Jack Skellington was brutally murdered. It is believed that he’d been drinking too much eggnog hours before and he staggered out the door into the snow all alone, and was then attacked.

Witnesses found him Christmas morning at the scene of the attack, his bones scattered around the yard, his clothes left in tatters. Many believe that the culprit is none other than the infamous Santa “Claws” This is believed because of the sleigh marks and hoof prints near the scene of the crime.

Lead reporter of the Santa “Claws” killings, the Grinch, interviewed the victim’s lover, Sally Stitch, who emotionally told the reporter what had happened just moments before the murder occured.

“I sensed there was something in the wind that night.” She recounted. “I begged him to stay, to not walk home alone, but he’s the Pumpkin King, and thought that made him invincible. It didn’t though.”

The interview was cut short because Ms. Stitch was unable to finish, but she did manage to tell the Grinch that she is offering a $50,000 reward to anyone who can bring Santa to justice.

Because the perpetrator is still at large however, authorities are asking that anyone who has been drinking a bit too much eggnog to not walk home alone at night, for their safety. Until the criminal is caught, authorities are enacting a curfew for 10 p.m. until we know for sure he is gone for another year.

Article 4: Laura Renfroe

Character: Jack Frost            Song: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Jack Frost Found Convict for Frigid Holiday Season

It’s the hap-happiest season of all- unless it’s the coldest season Coloradans have seen yet. Citizens of Colorado are used to the normal icy roads, snow-laden rooftops and nippy weather, but this year it’s a whole new level. Weather professionals are blaming Jack Frost for the sudden wintry rush. Has the most wonderful time of the year turned into the worst season of all for Colorado?

No more of kids jingle belling, nor parties for hosting this holiday season in Colorado towns. Ridiculously arctic-like weather hit Colorado beginning December 1, bringing hoards of plentiful snowfall and ice. Children bundled in overlapping bounds of warm cotton and silk vermillion gloves are having to abandon their backpacks for the month of December. Schools are closing due to the intensity of iced highways and danger of being out in the cold. All of Colorado seemed to have stopped in its place, families abandoning activities like marshmallow toasting and caroling out in the snow to huddling around blasting heaters in their homes.

Jack Frost was found responsible for the chilly cold. He has been spotted by security cams dashing ice from his fingertips over car windshields and fogged windows in mischievous delight. Frost, ice, snow, sleet, and freezing cold are all reported cases among Frost’s arrival this December. Police officers are hoping to capture Frost for his destruction on Colorado events, but he is yet to be found.

Colorado citizen Frosty the Snowman, who usually loves participating in holiday greetings and gay happy meetings during the season, despises the sudden cold wave.

“The scary ghost stories of Christmas are turning into scary Frost stories! We are all very upset about the confinement to our homes this year. We hope they capture Frost before Christmas comes around,” the Snowman complained.