Beauty and Beau Shine Bright


Dana Bennett, Staff Writer

Pelahatchie High School girls shined in the Beauty and Beau pageant on November 3, 2018. Pelahatchie Elementary was in it, too.

According to Victoria Thornton, a junior at Pelahatchie High School, “Leilani Key, Dajah Reynolds, and AnnaGrace Carter had the prettiest and brightest dresses.” There weren’t many high schoolers who participated in the pageant this year.

Yearbook students worked the pageant as one of their few fundraisers.  “I announced the names for the elementary and the kids were absolutely precious. I worked because I was in yearbook. They chose me to announce because I can speak clearly.”

According to Katie Bayliss, a senior at Pelahatchie High School, “The most beautiful girl in my opinion was Anna Grace Carter’s dress because it was a pretty blue color.”

“The most beautiful was Katie Bayliss, and there was not a prize for most handsome because no boys performed,” said to Mrs. Herrington, teacher and yearbook sponsor at Pelahatchie High School. “Everyone who participated looked beautiful.”

“Each and every one of the girls were absolutely beautiful in their own way. I wish I could have gave every one of the girls their own prize,” said Victoria Thornton.

“To be able to perform in the pageant, the fee was $35, to see the pageant, and it was $5,” said Mrs. Herrington.

Next year’s Beauty and Beau pageant will be held on the first Saturday in November. “From now on, I’m going to try to have it on the last Saturday of November or the Saturday of November every year,” said Mrs. Herrington.