Soccer, a Sport or Passion


Back Row pictured from left to right – Jacey Cooper, Gloria Hospedales, Aniya Lloyd, Collins Doster, Keyanna Flores, and Elsi Munoz. Front Row pictured from left to right – Aliza Myers, Brianna Galbraith, Tiara Collier, Zharia Hollifield, and Regan Sanders. Photo By: Brianna Galbraith

Mckenzie Ferguson, Staff Writer

Everybody has a talent. Sometimes it’s sports, music, art, writing, anything. Not only can it be a talent, but it could also be something someone has a love for. Pelahatchie High School is filled with many talents.

Brianna Galbraith, a student here at Pelahatchie, is a part of the soccer team. This is her junior year, and college is on her mind. Galbraith wants to continue playing soccer after high school. She stated, “I chose to play soccer because my dad and I played it when I was younger and it gave us something to do, from there on out, the love for this sport grew.” She also mentioned that the girls have won nine games and lost six so far, while having improved so much as a team.

When it comes to preparing a team, there must be a coach involved. Patrick Creel, coach and teacher here at Pelahatchie, is over our girls and boys soccer team. “I love Coach Creel. He puts all his effort into making this team the best we can be, while having fun at the same time,” said Galbraith.

There are over 20 members on the team, and they all share the same love and passion for the game. Galbraith said that she always tells herself, “if you come out of the game bleeding, bruised, and out of energy, then you played the game right,” before every game. It is the way she helps to encourage and motivate, not only herself, but the rest of the team as well.