New Year Brings Sparks of Ambition

Brianna Rowland and Jessica Smith, Staff Writers

Why do you need a jeweler on New Year’s Eve? Why, to ring in the new year of course! And ringing in the new year is exactly what students and teachers at Pelahatchie High School are doing(the most part at least).

Many of the students and staff make resolutions in order to better themselves and reach goals they have strived for; not everyone makes resolutions.

Teachers Sherree Rayner and Heather Greene both have identified flaws in themselves and proposed ways to amend these flaws.

Ms. Rayner has realized that she is not extremely organized or great at time management, so her New Year’s resolutions are to become more organized and improve her time management skills.

In order to accomplish these resolutions Ms. Rayner is, “forcing myself, this year, to use a planner, blocking out my schedule, and it’s helping my procrastination.”

Mrs. Greene’s aspirations are similar. While teaching at Pelahatchie she is also working on earning her Masters degree; her resolution is to get all A’s in her classes.

Her plan to accomplish this goal is to make small changes with things like homework. “If I know I have something big due, then I can do little bits of it everyday and not procrastinate,” said Greene.

Teachers, however, are not the only ones making resolutions but also students themselves. Students Jessica White, Quay Archie, and Zharia Holifield all made resolutions that related to their school and personal life.

These three particular students have realized that they need to make better decisions both in school and out of school. Zharia Holifield, a senior and member of the school’s soccer team, said, “I plan to accomplish this goal by striving to listen more carefully and to think before I act.”

While most students here at Pelahatchie are striving to perform better in school, Javeious Purvis is taking it a step further. JP plans to go to Mississippi State University this coming fall, and he wants to do everything he can to better himself academically and athletically before he graduates high school. He also plans to continue to grow and do his absolute best in these areas when he gets to college.

On the other hand, there are people here at Pelahatchie who do not believe in creating New Year’s resolutions. Coaches Sam Williams and Cedrick Wilder are two of the staff members here who do not participate in the practice of making resolutions.

Coach Williams strives to eat better and stay healthy; however, he does not make specific goals for the new year. Coach Williams said, “I have found that when you make resolutions that you are not likely to follow through with them, and this causes you to feel worse about yourself than you did the year before.”

Coach Wilder had the same perspective as Coach Williams did, and he believes that people are wasting their time making goals they do not plan to keep.

Coach Wilder working hard at his desk.
Javeious Purvis playing bingo in Human A&P.
Zharia Holifield working hard in Spanish.
Mrs. Greene helping Jessica White with a Chemistry problem.
Coach Williams waiting on the Jr. High football boys to get ready for practice.
Quay Archie working hard on his laptop.

So while there are many viewpoints on New Year’s resolutions from the members of Pelahatchie High School, one thing everyone can agree on is that bettering their self this year is a major goal.