Take a Look if You Dare: Netflix Hit Bird Box Has Battling Reviews


The new hit movie on Netflix called “Bird Box” was released on December 13, 2018. Netflix says over 45 million accounts have watched “Bird Box”

Dessi Thomas, Staff Writer

There has been a lot of buzz on social media this past month about the new netflix thriller movie called Bird Box. Everybody was talking about it and hyping it up, which made me excited to see it.

Could you imagine having to blindfold yourself every time you went outside for the rest of your life? It is either blindfold or die, your choice.

After weeks of the movie being added to Netflix, I decided to finally hop on the bandwagon and watch it. The movie Bird Box was released on December 13 of last year. I personally liked the movie despite it giving me a nightmare. The movie was shocking, freaky, and thought provoking.

With one look, the strange entity forces its victims to commit awful tragedies. To the normal, it shows their worst fears. To the mentally ill, it shows their dark but beautiful desires.

The movie was very well written and never fell off topic. The acting was powerful and really drew me in.The intense scenes had me hiding behind my hands. In my opinion, Sandra Bullock, who played the main character Malorie, did an amazing job. You could strongly feel and see the fear and pain in her eyes.

There has been a ton of theories and debates about Bird boxes hidden message. The message has  not been explained, thus people just have theories on what they interpret from watching it.  

The critics on Rotten Tomatoes rated it an 5.7/10. The majority of the critics found the movie inadequate and believe that Bullock is too good to play in it. Critic Brandon Collins said, “I am never seeing this movie again. It is a bad hybrid of thriller and end-of-the-world movies that I have seen.”

I disagree with what he says because it was a different kind of end-of-the-world movie that was stunning and heart-wrenching. It was better than the original basic zombie ending.

I am appalled by the mix reviews for this movie. I thought it was a great movie and i strongly recommend if you are a lover of thriller and suspense.