Banners of Encouragment


ACT banners for students who scored 22 or higher on the ACT.

Hannah Easterling, Staff Writer

ACT is a standardized test that many high school students take to determine their academic readiness for their future. Some colleges look at ACT to find potential in students who excel in specific areas. ACT honors is a great achievement that requires a 22 or higher on the ACT.

To recognize students at Pelahatchie High who achieved ACT honors, banners were hung in front of the high school office.

Teague Burchfield, first year principal at Pelahatchie High School, emphasized the importance of the ACT.

Burchfield expressed, “Research says there is an advantage to taking the ACT multiple times…doing so allows you to get more comfortable with the structure of the test.  Also, the district has provided many resources to use to help you improve your skills on the ACT. I will be more than happy to help anyone that needs to locate that material in the future…Just let me know!”

He is looking to encourage other students to do their very best by saying, “The banners are to help celebrate the successes of our students in the area of ACT.  It will hopefully help bring an awareness to the test and help facilitate more success in the future.”

Eles Renfroe, librarian at Pelahatchie High, and other faculty members at PHS ensure that student are well prepared for the ACT.  “We offer ACT prep courses, a summer ACT boot camp, individual tutoring as requested, and additional support from Montgomery Hinton,” said Renfroe.  Hinton is the district office representative for ACT.

Renfroe is also the mother of Brenna Renfroe and Laura Renfroe, two students who have achieved ACT honors. “I am extremely proud of both and I am grateful that Brenna’s score will save us money.”

ACT honors is an amazing achievement, and faculty and staff at Pelahatchie High work to make sure students reach that goal.