The Competition Pelahatchie Will Never Forget


Skye Bowman, Tiara Collier, and Hannah Lawrence pose after placing 2nd in cheer competition.

Tiara Collier , Staff Writer

This has been an exciting year for the 2018-2019 cheerleading team at Pelahatchie High School.  From getting a new cheer coach to having nervous about State competition, the team has worked everyday since the beginning of last summer to prepare for state competition at the Mississippi Coliseum.

This will be Pelahatchie’s first time ever competing. Each individual girl has a specific “job” to do, and it’s crucial that each fulfills that job so everything flows perfectly.

Cheerleader Skye Bowman stated, “This has definitely been one of the best years that cheer has ever had. We put in so much hard work that nobody see but it will show on the mats. I will forever love this team.”

And that’s exactly what the Pelahatchie cheerleading team did. They competed and left everything on the mat coming in 2nd place out of 10 other teams.

Everyone on the team including coaches were overwhelmed with excitement. Cheerleader Hannah Lawrence stated, “This was a very long and stressful journey through cheer this year but everything paid off in the end.

From early morning practices to late night practices, it was all worth it. It may not be 1st place but I’m so proud of this team.”

The Pelahatchie High School cheerleading team had parents, friends, and people throughout the community to come support them and they definitely gave the crowd a show. So now everyone will wait and see what next year holds for the Pelahatchie High School cheerleading team.