Pelahatchie Students Conquer Benchmarks


Students use their own computers to take the benchmarks. The benchmarks are taken on the website TE21.

Collins Doster , Staff Writer

Recently, Pelahatchie students finished their second round of benchmarks. Benchmarks took place a fews days after students got back from Christmas Break.

Benchmarks prepare and measure how far students have grown from the beginning of the year; they also reflect on the students and the teachers. Teachers are able to use the data from the benchmarks to determine what they need to work on most with their students.

Every student’s benchmark score falls into one of four different grade ranges: Advanced, Proficient, Basic, or Minimal.

It is important for the majority of the students to either make an advanced or proficient as these are the highest grade range and shows positive feedback from the students. Making high scores represents Pelahatchie’s school and teacher greatly.

Pelahatchie’s school rating is not very good right now. This year Pelahatchie has taken things more seriously and push the students to try their best by taking the tests as a summative grade.

Each grade is required to take a benchmark on a different subject. For example, eighth graders take the english, science, and math portions, while the ninth graders only take the Biology 1 and Algebra 1 test.

Even though the benchmarks are beneficial to the school, teachers, and students, most kids would agree that taking benchmarks isn’t their favorite thing to participate in. A 9th grader, Adlyn Till stated, “Benchmarks are really hard and stressful.”

The benchmarks are preparing for the big test at the end of the year, and all results will show.