VoTEC Overview for Freshmen

Brin Pearson, Staff Writer

Pelahatchie’s freshman group sets out to a less recognisable campus. The school bus, echoing with eager voices, travels down the interstate, rolling towards the Hinds Community College campus.

On Tuesday, January 15, a group of freshmen journeyed to the Hinds Rankin campus to examine VoTEC classes they could potentially take. The students were separated into groups and sent to classes to observe the behavior and mechanics of each.

Sheets were set up in the classrooms for students to sign for potential participation in said class.

With classes like Collision Repair, Simulation, Architecture, Nursing, Finance, Construction, and several more, VoTEC is a phenomenal hands-on program for sophomores and juniors.

“The trip was kinda fun and I was interested in some of the classes. Because the template wasn’t a very good representation of what it was about, the trip made it more interesting,” Marie Valentine, a freshman, said, explaining her thoughts on the field trip.

Before the trip, other freshmen were given a pamphlet giving the information about the classes available. After the trip, the students were given an application for a VoTEC class for sophomore and junior year.

The VoTEC building has two halls, both lined with classrooms and a shop area at the end. Each hall has at least 5 classes.

“The reason I didn’t go on the VoTEC trip is because it takes up multiple blocks and you wouldn’t be able to do multiple sports. You would be taking all of your required classes along with VoTEC and wouldn’t have time for sports,” said Collins Doster, a freshman cheerleader, soccer and basketball player.

The trip lasted from the middle of first block to the end of second block. It took place on an A day.