What is Archery?

Denver Sturgill, Staff Writer

What is Archery? It is defined as the sport or skill of shooting with a bow and arrows, especially at a target. Archery originates from 20,000 BC.  The bow and arrow were invented about 64,000 years ago.

5,000 years ago, people used archery for the purposes of hunting and warfare. Today Archery is considered a sport.

The 1840s saw the first attempts at turning the recreation into a modern sport. Is archery a good sport? Some people wonder. Here is some information about it.

Archery has physical and mental benefits. Archery can improve upper body strength and can improve hand-eye coordination.

Archery at school is different compared to the post era times. There are a few modifications that makes school archery different then the old archery.

The lead coach at Pelahatchie High School is Lukus Cotnam. The coach is in charge of making sure the team practices and teaches the team how to perform effectively.

Cotnam said, “Archery is unique and different than any other sport because of the way the sport is played.”

Cotnam is involved in the direction, instruction and training of the operations. This is high first year teaching Archery at PHS.

Who can join? Usually people in the grades between 7th and 12th can join the archery team.  The archery team usually has practice sets, in which they practice about a couple times a week. There are around 22 member that are currently on the team. They also perform in championships. There are 4 upcoming championships in the future.

This is a photo of a previous championship the team competed in. This photo was from Pelahatchie High School’s Facebook page.