Bradford Earns Administrator of the Month


Lewis Bradford smiles proudly with his certificate for Administrator of the Month in his hand.

Jessica Smith, Staff Writer

Mr. Lewis Bradford, the assistant principal at Pelahatchie High School earned Administrator of the Month for December. Bradford could not be more grateful for this new addition to his awards.

Receiving Administrator of the Month is a hard and tedious task to achieve; however, Bradford worked hard alongside his colleagues to make sure that Pelahatchie performed its very best in everything the school participated in.

Bradford enjoys being an administrator at Pelahatchie because he can help students find their way back to the right path. Bradford said, “I love being an administrator because it gives me the opportunity to change or impact a student’s life.”

He started his career as an administrator here at Pelahatchie, and he claims to “love being able to serve the students and other staff members here at the school itself.”

When choosing which direction to go in life, the decision could be based on an impact from an event that occurred at one time or someone/something that inspired this choice. “There was nothing that impacted me nor anyone who inspired me to become an administrator,” said Bradford. “I chose to be become an administrator because I wanted to motivate students to make good decisions and to be their best,” said Bradford.

Bradford works hard to keep the students at Pelahatchie in line, and he works alongside his peers to make sure the environment of the school is safe for the students as well. According to Bradford, another staff member nominated him for Administrator of the month, and he was entered in for consideration among 41 other administrators within the Rankin County School District.

After Bradford received the award, he said, “I can not even begin to describe the emotions that flooded over me. All I know is that I am honored that my colleagues feel that I am deserving of such an honor.” This is Bradford’s second time receiving Administrator of the Month.

Bradford also said, “I was honored to receive this award because it built pride within the school. It also shows how hard Pelahatchie students and staff members work to make the school stand out.”

Bradford taught a variety of science classes while coaching football and baseball at Northwest Rankin High School before he decided to take a turn and pursue becoming an administrator. His first job as an administrator was here at Pelahatchie, and he is now finishing out his fifth year as the assistant principal at Pelahatchie High School.

Colin Powell, a retired four-star general who served under the presidency of George W. Bush, said, “A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hardwork. Mr. Lewis Bradford has worked hard to rise to the top, and now he is awarded for the determination and hardwork that he has taken the time to put in to serving Pelahatchie students and staff.