Lady Chiefs Basketball Season Comes to an End!


Jacey Cooper, Makayla McClure, Sharetha Hobbs, Chrystianna Beeman (#15) and in the back Andrianna Macklin set up to start the latest game played.

Collins Doster , Staff Writer

Every student has a talent whether it’s academics or athletics. At Pelahatchie many students participate in activities, including the girls basketball team.

Pelahatchie girls basketball is holding the 2018-2019 district tournament.Pelahatchie, Puckett, Pisgah, Saint Joe, and Mize haze the opportunity to play in the tournament. The Lady Chiefs play each team in the district to determine what place they take in the tournament.

The Lady Chiefs have prepared for the tournament since their season started in November. The team practices everyday during school in 4th block. In practice the team works on offense, defense, shooting, and dribbling skills.

Before game days the team reviews plays and goes over new plays designed specifically for the team they will compete against. Another way the girls basketball team prepares for games is by watching film of previous games they’ve played to see what they need to work on.

The girls basketball team has 26 games in their season. The team has won 11 games and lost 14, and their last game of the season is February 8.

Player Jacey Cooper stated, “Before each game the team will huddle together and on the count of three the team will say all in, together, believe, or some other motivating phrase.” Every player is valuable. For instance, players on the sidelines encourage their teammates with cheers and always clap their teammates’ hands when they come off the court.

The Lady Chiefs basketball season is coming to an end, so come and support the Chiefs at their final games.