Senior Tiara Collier Screams Goodbye to PHS

Dana Bennett, Staff Writer

Memories are made, tears are dropped, and goodbyes are said. Seniors at Pelahatchie High School say their goodbyes to the people and the activities that made them who they are.

Senior Tiara Collier has started to say her goodbyes to all of her extracurriculars. She has been involved in the Pelahatchie cheer team, that participated in the State Cheer Competition and won second place. She also participated in Pelahatchie Soccer.

Collier believes that being involved in activities and sports in school can make the best out of any high school experience.

“Without participating in the extracurriculars that I was in, I wouldn’t have met some of the friends I have now,” said Collier.

According to Collier, Mrs. Kelsey Nobles had the most impact on her high school times. Mrs. Nobles has stuck with Collier since 9th grade. “She was always there for me wherever I needed her and kept pushing me to do my best in whatever I do.”

Tiara Collier smiles at the camera.

Collier’s advice to future high schoolers; “Never give up even in the difficult times because it’ll all be worth it in the end.”

As Collier says her goodbyes to all of her high school memories, she says goodbye to some of her friends and teachers, too.

Collier has future plans but doesn’t know exactly where she wants to go to college. She hopes to be successful.