PHS Students Annual Blood Drive


Jacey Cooper who’s just given blood.

Tiara Collier , Staff Writer

The annual PHS Blood Drive took place on February 6, 2019. PHS has two blood drives a year, and this one specifically ended on a good note.

More PHS students got involved and donated blood. Hosting a high school blood drive offers students the opportunity to engage in community service and build class spirit, while providing education to students about the importance of donating blood and the impact students can have on saving lives in their community.

One of the student blood drive workers, Amanda Trest stated, “It’s a really good feeling when students actually want to help and give blood to people in need. This was one of the best blood drives we’ve had in a while.”Also, a plus that seniors get from the blood drive is if they give twice, they will a red cord for graduation.

Senior blood drive worker, Morgan Boyd stated, “I’m very glad that a majority of the PHS students donated this year. They were very excited to give blood. Most of the students donated to a local who was recently in a bad car accident. So every student who gave blood and mentioned her name will allow her to get the blood she needs and not have to pay for it.”

Even though there isn’t an actual prize for donating blood, each person who does donate gets a simple t-shirt at the end. From the community staff members, student blood drive workers, and the students, the turn out of the blood drive succeeded past recent years at PHS.