Chiefs Hunt for Wolves and Get Slayed by Dragons

Brianna Rowland, Staff Writer

The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, bows are drawn, arrows are flying, and the 2019 archery season has begun. On Thursday, January 31, the Pelahatchie High School Archery team had their first competition- an honors match against Puckett and Pisgah.

This is the archery team’s fourth year in competition, and there are many students on the team who have never shot before joining. Sara Bayliss, Cooper Sirmon, and Ayden Stewart are just a few members who are first-year shooters. But regardless of the lack of experience, the team is holding their own, shooting a 2,662 out of 3,600.

All three school participating in the honors match shot at their own schools and submitted their scores after they shot. Pelahatchie beat Puckett, who shot a 2,446, but lost to Pisgah, who shot a 2,942. Levi Goldman, a second year shooter, was the top shooter from all three schools with an overall score of 272.

The shooters were focused, taking their time and striving for that small yellow circle in the center of the target. Caden Stansbury, another first time shooter, said, “At first I thought this would be easy, but it really takes a lot of work and concentration. I love shooting, though, and I’m probably going to keep doing it.”

Lukus Cotnam, the team’s coach and history teacher at Pelahatchie, was quite pleased with the team’s performance. His response to the score was bittersweet and hopeful. “I was hoping for better but expecting worse than what they did. I believe in my team, but I was also thinking about the nerves that I know all of them were feeling because, for a lot of them, it was their first ever competition. They did good, but I know, in the future, they will do even better.”

Currently the team is preparing for its first ever home turf competition against Morton on Tuesday, February 12.