Chiefs Come Up Short in Overtime Against the Bruins


Devin Irvin, Staff Writer

The St. Joe Bruins, who have gradually become one of the Chiefs dominant rivals, traveled to Pelahatchie to face off against the Chiefs.

The Chiefs were coming into the game facing adversity due to sickness throughout the team. They were playing without senior guard Xavier “Zay” Taylor, junior guard Wesley Anderson, sophomore forward Jakaris “Tank” Stokes, and 8th grade guard Elijah Williams.

With the Chiefs and Bruins being the top two teams in the district, this game was important as both teams wanted to prove who truly deserved to be the number one team.

The Chiefs started the game more aggressively than the first game against the Bruins. They played well defensively, causing the Bruins to not be as efficient driving to the basket.

The Chiefs, main source of scoring came from feeding the post and pushing the ball offensively after a rebound or a steal.

With the two teams seeming evenly matched there were many lead changes and ties throughout the game. At halftime the Bruins were leading the Chiefs 31-27.

Coming into the second half, the Bruins and the Chiefs continued to play hard as the score remained close.

Coming to the closing minute of the fourth quarter, the Chiefs found themselves losing by a few points. This came from missing free throws and the Bruins shooting efficiently from the 3-pt line.

In the final seconds of the game, the Bruins were up by three, and it seemed they would win. However, a clutch three pointer made by senior guard Damontaye Turnage pushed the game to overtime.Image result for pelahatchie chiefs logo

Both teams fought hard in overtime, but with the Chiefs continuing to miss free throws the Chiefs fell short to the Bruins 68-65.

The Chiefs will be having their Senior Night February 8 against the Mize Bulldogs.