Caleb and Maya Moore Fun Day For School

Michelle Moore , Staff Writer

On January, 29, 2019, Pelahatchie High school students had the opportunity to enjoy a day off of school to play in the snow. The night before there were students watching the news to see if there would be school or not.

One of the students at Pelahatchie by the name of Caleb Moore was up all night on Snapchat trying to see if he would be going to school. Finally the time came. Caleb Moore looked one last time and there it was, no school.

Caleb Moore walked into his sister Maya’s room to tell her the good news. On the morning of the 29, Caleb woke up to see how much snow was on the ground. As Caleb looked, he saw that there wasn’t very much snow on the ground, but it was still snowing, so he went back to bed. By the time Maya got up, the snow was almost melted away. Maya made the statement that we should have gone to school.

Since they had the day, they decided to enjoy it.

Maya went in the kitchen to help her mother cook and clean up. Then Maya took a trip outside with her brother Caleb where they sit and thought what they would do on their beautiful free day. “Ahh,” said Caleb, “Let’s go mud riding.”

The fields were wet from all the snow, so Maya and Caleb did just that. As Maya drove through the field, Caleb saw a deer and chose to chase the deer. Maya went one way wild; Caleb went the other. Instead of trapping the deer, they ran into each other with laughter.

At the end of the day, Maya and Caleb went home to tell their ma how much fun they had. So the family enjoyed their night together.