AP Chieftains Explore Civil Rights Era

The AP group posing on the museum stairs for a quick picture before departing for the school.

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The AP group posing on the museum stairs for a quick picture before departing for the school.

Tayla Martin , Staff Writer

Pelahatchie High School’s AP US history students took a trip to the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum. The trip was held on Thursday of February 14. Mrs.McMillian, PHS AP US History teacher, Mrs.Grice, and Mr.JP Stapleton chaperoned the event.

The students left the high school at eight o’clock that Thursday morning. When the students arrived at the two museums they had to go through a quick security check and then were led to the start of the ten galleries. Each gallery had different stories from time during civil rights movement.

Students had a packet of ten questions to answer as they walked through the galleries. Mrs.McMillan wanted to insured that the students didn’t just walk and look but also learn.

The galleries had many interactive elements to keep visitors intrigued as they learn. “I feel like I really learned something from the trip,” Terri Wiltcher, an 11th grade AP student who went on the trip, stated.

“I saw the man that was in the freedom riders we talked to, on the news a few days ago!” Wiltcher exclaimed remembering the man that AP students were able to talk to during the tour of the galleries.

There was a quick intermission for lunch at 11:45. The students were able to order from the museums cafe or bring their own outside lunch. After the quick lunch students had a few more minutes to walk back through the galleries without the distractions of the questions.

The group loaded back on the bus and headed back for the school at 12:30. The students arrived to the school at 1:16, just in time for the end of third block and the beginning of fourth block. The AP class are not planning any more trips at this time but are hoping for more in the future.