Paddleton? More like (Sad)dleton


Dessi Thomas, Staff Writer

The popular streaming site, Netflix, has recently added a new Netflix original movie called Paddleton. This movie takes the viewer on a slow adventure through the lives of two best friends, who are neighbors, Andy and Michael. Michael, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, wants a proactive ending. They go on this journey to make that happen.  

Its genre is labeled as comedy and dark comedy. The “dark’ side of this movie can especially be seen as Michael wants to prematurely end his life, rather than his cancer doing it for him. By ending his life, he would have to pour 100 pill capsules into a glass and fill it halfway with water. Along with it, he would have to take both an anti-nausea pill and an anxiety pill.

The movie was released on February 1 of this year. The initial introduction to this movie can somewhat leave the viewer bored. It was a fairly good movie, but personally the ending was the best part.

Throughout the movie I was bored; it left me sitting in my seat wondering where the story was heading as it had a very slow build up. It only started getting a little better once Andy and Michael returned home from their trip to get Michael’s medicine. This is when the anticipation started to build and I began to wonder if he would or would not take the medicine that would result in the end of his life.

On IMDb the movie was rated a 7.2/10. One critic review on IMDb was from the Sundance Film Festival. In the review, the critic states that the movie had “an incredible work of humor.” I disagree with that because I personally felt that it was very dry and lacked the humor that most people will understand.

Overall, I liked the movie. Even though, the movie started off boring and slow, the ending made up for it. The ending literally broke my heart. I cried for 10 minutes after it ended. I recommend this movie if you do not mind shedding a few tears.