Archery Captain Brianna Rowland Aims to Leave Legacy


Carmen Hamilton

Archery Captain Brianna Rowland putting in over time at practice. Photo credits to Carmen Hamilton

Brianna Rowland, Staff Writer

Cue the flashback harp music as current senior Brianna Rowland is a freshman again. The short and timid child nervously knocks on the principal’s door with one thought in mind: starting an archery team. After a few anxiety inducing weeks, and several close call mental breakdowns, Rowland accomplished her goal, and the team is still going strong today.

Brianna Rowland is a senior who plans on attending Mississippi State University in the fall and hopes to continue her archery journey once there.

With the help of encouraging principals and an enthusiastic math teacher, Rowland started the Pelahatchie Archery Team in 2015. When she started the team it was her first year shooting a bow, but she refused to let inexperience hold her back from becoming someone the other members could look up to.

“Archery is my passion. I have never loved a school activity or group more than my archery team, and I’m so glad to see so many new faces sharing that passion. I know that I’m not that tall but I hope that the team can look up to me” said Rowland .

And the team members do look up to her. “She convinced me when I first came this school to join the archery team. At first I wasn’t really sure about about it, but now I love shooting. I’m really glad she got me to join, and she does such a good job of making everyone feel like they’re doing a good job” said team member Caden Stansbury.

Brianna has been on the team since its conception, outlasting all three coaches that the team has had, and finds it a small struggle to let go. “I’ve just been on the team for so long, it’s hard to think that this is my last year. I just hope that whoever becomes captain after me loves the sport and the team as much as I do.