Juniors Tackle the ACT

Denver Sturgill, Staff Writer

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The ACT is approaching for the Pelahatchie High School. The ACT stands for American College Test.

It is consisted of 4 tests that are timed. The four tests are English, Reading, Math, and Science. During the test, the highest score you  can make is a 36.

The ACT is used to determine a students readiness for college.  The estimated time is 3 hours. The test dates for the juniors was on February 20, 2019. It is a traditional paper and pencil multiple choice test.  

Here were some questions that most people ask about the ACT. When do results come in? Usually the scores will arrive by mail or online in about 2-4 weeks. How is the score calculated? There is a composite score which is basically the mean of all 4 scores combined. What is considered passing? There is no passing or failing score. Higher scores are good.

How do the students prepare for the ACT? Well, there are some links on the district page. Previously there was an ACT boot camp for juniors held before the week of the ACT.

Mr. Montgomery Hinton was the one hosting the bootcamp. Mr. Hinton is the College and Career Prep coordinator for the school district.

There was also an ACT game day presentation for the junior class by Dr. Chuck Benigno. He basically gave the juniors some tricks while taking the ACT.  Dr. Benigno is currently an associate professor at William Carey University.

Lexi Ishee, a current junior, said, “The ACT is a good way to prepare for college. I hope that I will do good.”

Caption: This is photo of Dr. Benigno giving a pep talk to the juniors in the Auditorium. Photo credit: PHS facebook page