Chiefs’ Season Come to an End


Chiefs’ team captains Zay Taylor and Avery Lewis meet with game officials and North Forrest’s team captains. Photo Credit: Teague Burchfield.

Devin Irvin, Staff Writer

This past Saturday night the Chiefs fought hard to advance to the third round but came up short.

The Chiefs traveled to Forrest County, MS, to face off against the North Forrest Eagles.

After coming off a first round playoff win against Taylorsville, the Chiefs came ready to play hard to advance to the third round.

However, with the Eagles being one of the top 2A teams in the state, the Chiefs knew the Eagles wouldn’t go out without a fight.

Both teams started the game off aggressively. However, throughout most of the first and second quarter, the Eagles had the crowd on their side. With each basket they scored, the crowd cheered them on even louder.

This proved to be a problem for the Chiefs. The Chiefs were making mistakes offensively, causing the Eagles to score in transition easily.

With the Eagles having much of the momentum through the first half, they went into halftime leading the Chiefs 32-13

The Chiefs came into the second half trying to be more aggressive and smarter offensively. The Chiefs reduced their rate of offensive turnover and with them being more aggressive, they were able to shoot more free throws for points.

As the Chiefs began to build momentum offensively they started to play more efficiently on the defensive end.

It seemed as if the Chiefs were beginning to make a comeback. However, the Chiefs didn’t have enough time in the second half and ended up losing 46-65.

After the game senior forward Zay Taylor said, “To be honest, I just wanted to win.”

With this loss the Chiefs have been removed from the playoffs.