Pelahatchie Tennis Team Prepares for Upcoming Season

Pelahatchie Tennis Team Prepares for Upcoming Season

Collins Doster, Staff Writer

Pelahatchie High school is eager to begin a second year of tennis. As the team grows and new players improve, the Pelahatchie Tennis team has gained more notice.

The tennis team recently starting practicing in February. The team practices every Tuesday and Thursday after school. At practice the players stretch, hit balls back and forth to each other, and scrimmage against each other.

For tennis practice the players provided their own rackets and proper clothing. When it comes time for their matches, their uniforms will be provided by the school.

Amy Till, the assistant tennis coach, stated, “The Pelahatchie tennis team is an ambitious team with 4 seniors, 8 returning players and 5 new players. The team has been practicing at Yogi Bear Park and the Brandon City Courts. The team is currently short one male player for all our various matches. If you have previous tennis experience and would like to join the team, please email Coach Mullins, whose email is [email protected] We would love to have your support at any of our matches.”

This picture, which is found on the Pelahatchie Facebook page, shows Pelahatchie at the Yogi Bear tennis courts. The two players on the left are students from another school, but the player on the far right is Holden Gray.

Ms. Amy Till, also said, “ I enjoy my time with all members of the tennis team, it’s a small group and it’s nice to see the support they show for each other.”

Make sure to come support the Pelahatchie Tennis team in their upcoming season.