Fueling Beta’s Future at Convention


Eles Renfroe

From left to right: Hannah Whitney, Abby Dawson, Morgan Boyd, Katie Bayliss, and Amanda Trest all placed at the National Beta Convention for Living Literature.

Tiara Collier, Staff Writer

As a visitor walks in the convention center in Biloxi, the excitement of all the activities going on and what’s about to happen fill the room. Pelahatchie High School Beta Club members take a trip every year during the month of February to Biloxi, MS, for the National Beta Convention.

Each member who attends convention must compete in an activity. There are a wide range of choices  to pick from which gives the students opportunities to express themselves or just to do something they like.

Member Morgan Boyd stated, “I feel like this year was better than ever. Our school collected more awards for competition than ever before and all of our hard work paid off. As a senior this year I am so thankful for the opportunities that beta has given me.”

The goals of the Pelahatchie High School Beta Club is to serve the community and to enhance leadership skills among each individual, and that’s exactly what they are doing. Another member, Harrison Till stated, “We had so much fun this year at convention and I feel that we met many goals. We placed in more than 2 categories which is huge in the beta world. Even though I won’t be a part of next year’s beta club, I hope that they go over and beyond making this club even better.”

If any student placed at beta convention, that person and the entire club can go to Nationals which is held in Oklahoma City this year during the summer.