Students Reflect on Spring Break Plans


Pictured from left to right: Hannah Steadham and Scarlett Castillo

McKenzie Ferguson, Staff Writer

Each school year lasts 180 days. To some, that number might not seem like it’s that much, but to some students it seems like an eternity. Throughout the year, students are given three breaks before summer: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break, as well as a few others that are only a day or two for small holidays.

Right now, students are approaching Spring Break and are discussing their plans. Two students here at Pelahatchie (Scarlett Castillo and Hannah Steadham) took the time to talk with me about their plans over the break.

Hannah Steadham said she was excited for the break because, “It is a time away from school to spend time with family and friends.” Most of the time, people take trips while they have time off, with their family or friends, as a tradition. “I am going to Philadelphia to spend the weekend eating seafood, taking my dog Malibu to the puppy park, and going out, having fun with my family and boyfriend.” She also mentioned that her favorite memory of a spring break in the past was “going to Panama City Beach, in Florida, and going to a neon foam party. We also went crab hunting later that night.”

Someone once said, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” Students who have the ability to have this break, as well as others, should be thankful because it is a great opportunity to spend time with the ones they love, as well as have the chance to meet new people. Though school is very important to many people, and an occasional break doesn’t hurt!