Try.Tried.Trying harder


Dessi Thomas, Staff Writer

Could you imagine not being able to do the one thing you love most anymore? Many people around the world face tragic incidents that change their life forever. Depending on the incident, it makes difficult obstacles that people have to overcome and adapt to.

Netflix has recently added a new Netflix original movie called Walk.Ride.Rodeo. The movie was released on March 8 of this year. Walk.Ride.Rodeo is based on the true story of Amberley Snyder, a barrel racer who got back on her horse after being left paralyzed.

Going into this movie, I was not expecting her to be involved in that type of accident. Snyder was slammed into a fence post, which broke her back and immediately paralyzed her. Doctors said that she would never regain feeling below her waist and will never be able to ride and compete in rodeos ever again. Amberly wanted to give up several times throughout the film, but the family she had motivated her making her more determined to not give up on her passion. Snyder had a seatbelt built into her saddle to help her stay on her horse.

I am not really into horse and country movies, but I surprisingly really liked this one. There are a few sad moments, so be prepared to cry. This is a very inspiring and moving story that says so much about the human soul. I profoundly recommend watching this with your family and friends, as it can help show you and them that it is essential to have confidence in yourselves, to never give up, to have a positive mind set and to continue on through life’s ups and downs.

On IMDb the movie was rated 6.4/10. Critic Daniel Hart from said, “Based on the incredible true story”. Yes, incredible. And with a statement like that, you can only expect to be blown away by what is coming. Unfortunately, Walk. Ride. Rodeo lacks that emotional punch, that inspiring moment that makes you feel like you are about to be elevated from your chair.”

I personally think that the emotional punch is there. I was blown away by her story, because she is paralyzed yet still able to ride her horse. Those who go through tough situations can be inspired to never give up and to believe that anything is possible if you’re willing to fight for it.