Flooding Takes on The Delta


As she took a drive through the Delta, her car learned how to swim!

Around the second week of March, multiple people experienced tremendous amounts of flooding. Normally, most people worry more about the damage that comes from tornadoes, rather than flooding; however, flooding can cause just as much damage.

According to the National Weather Service, around 12 or 15 houses were completely flooded in the Mississippi Delta. Yet, Mississippi wasn’t the only state that had issues with flood damage. “Nearly the entire state of Tennessee has seen 10-20 inches of rain this month,” the National Weather Service said.

One of our school family members here at Pelahatchie had a few problems with the flooding as well. Mrs. MacMillan, the 10th – 12th history teacher, has a house near the Delta areas that were damaged. She stated, “No water got into the house; however, the road to get to the house was completely flooded and you couldn’t go down it unless you had a tractor.”

Her neighbor’s trying to help, placed levies up to keep water out of the houses and also called her everyday so that she could keep a check on things.

During a crisis, no matter what it is or the size of it, it is always a good thing to have some type of preparation. “First and foremost, you should have flood insurance! It helps out alot, as well as working together as a community!”

It’s always important to help family out! Thankfully, there wasn’t as much damage for MacMillan and her family’s house/land as there was in other places.