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After the cheer team was unable to practice in the gym because their mats were locked up, they proceeded to practice outside. Each stunt group hit an extension and locked arms to form this picture.

All About Cheer!

“To some people cheerleading is just an extra physical activity. But for the team and I, it’s more. Cheer is a passion, and to be good at it, it requires hard work. This year the Pelahatchie cheer team is working to get rings,” said Rose Gibney, a former 10th grade cheerleader.

Last year the cheer team fell short and placed second at their first cheer competition. However, this year the team is determined to work their way to first in the game day division.

Pelahatchie’s 2019-2020 cheer team gained a new coach, Lemike. Lemike is already getting the cheer team prepared for competition; they are learning new stunts like extension libs that will be put into the routines.

This year the cheer team is participating in several competitions and are going to a camp during summer so that they are prepared for the main competition in December. Right off the bat, the cheerleaders are partaking in many fundraisers to help pay for competition fees and their cheer balances. So far the cheerleaders have sold world’s favorite chocolate bars, sheets, detergent, garbages, boston butts, hams, and Easter king cakes.

Upcoming 9th grader Maddie Grace Walters stated, “I think cheer this year is going to be one of the best seasons we’ve had so far! Everyone on the squad gets along and the atmosphere is totally different this year. I’m excited to be cheering for Pelahatchie and excited for competition!”

This cheer season is different than last year’s. The coach Lemike assigned the high school cheerleaders to run a mile before every practice. The coach wants all the girls ready for competition, because their routines require a lot of conditioning.

Pelahatchie is hosting the upcoming track meet on the 27th at Northwest Rankin, and the cheerleaders will be there working. Football season is coming up, so be ready for Pelahatchie’s 2019-2020 cheer squad!

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