Pelahatchie FFA had their annual mid year banquet


Commissioner Andy Gibson and Pelahatchie’s opening and closing team Left to right: Katie Belle Boyer, Chloe Walters, Olivia Sirmon, Andy Gibson, Adlyn Till, Bella Attkinson, Justin Beeman, Anna Grace Carter.

Pelahatchie FFA had their annual mid year banquet on Thursday, April 18 at 6:00. Most of the contest participants will receive some awards and some gave speeches for the progress they have made throughout the year.

Pelahatchie was not the only school that participated in the banquet other schools that were there were McLaurin, Puckett, Brandon and Pisgah.

The attendance for banquet was not as planned because of the bad weather Rankin county had that day Most people were not able to make it because they were helping with the relief efforts. Bob Robinson the AG advisor said that “I’m just glad that everyone is safe and no one is injured and that we can still put this thing on.”

The awards that were given were for the FFA members that participated in competitions they were recognized  and if their advisors had something to say such as how proud they are that is when they would say it aloud in front of them.

Colten Nickles introduced the banquet’s guest speaker who was the Agricultural Commissioner Andy Gibson. He gave a speech on how he became interested in agriculture and how important it is in the world and to him. Andy Gibson  said “Agriculture has helped me with everything in my life from getting married to getting a job and I’m so thankful for this position I’ve been given.”

The caterer for the banquet was Dickeys Barbeque Pit and the FFA Associations were very thankful for them.

“Next year the banquet is planned to go the exact same but with a little more attendance because were hoping for the best with the weather,” said Mr Bob Robinson