ACT Honors Ceremony: Where were you?


Minutes before ACT Honors ceremony began at Hinds Muse Center.

Hannah Easterling, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, April 9, twelve seniors loaded a bus going to the Clyde Muse Center to be recognized for their ACT honors or high honors achievements.

Several students have reached this academic success at Pelahatchie High, but the ceremony was only to recognize seniors. These seniors have massive amount of support from the staff at Pelahatchie High. Teague Burchfield, principal at Pelahatchie High School, is their number one ally. “I’m extremely proud of their dedication to their education.” These students worked hard to achieve ACT honors or high honors.

The ceremony began around 9:30 AM with opening statements from Sue Townsend, Superintendent of Education. The place was filled with students anxious to hear their names, and parents ready to add pictures to their albums. “The ceremony was great,” Burchfield said, “I’m proud of how our students carried themselves during the ceremony.”

After the ceremony ended, the students gathered back on the bus to go to Amerigo’s. Pelahatchie high wanted to try and pay back the students for their accomplishments the best way they knew how: food.

This ceremony was a great way to encourage other students to reach ACT honors. “When students can be recognized for their accomplishments they will do their best to meet that expectation.” Pelahatchie staff does their best to make sure that students are prepared to do well on the ACT.

ACT honors is an amazing standard to set for students. Students love to be recognized for their accomplishments, and ACT is a great way to take advantage of that.