PHS Shines Bright at Prom

The seniors line up and wait for their names to be called during senior walk through.

Tayla Martin

The seniors line up and wait for their names to be called during senior walk through.

Pelahatchie High School held its 2019 prom on Saturday, April 13. It was at the Mississippi Agriculture Museum at 8:00pm through 11:00pm. Students were able to buy their prom tickets three weeks in advance; singles were sold for $25 and couples were sold for $40.  

There was a dress code that everyone attending the prom had to follow; this policy was set by the prom committee. Females could not wear any dress that was shorter than six inches above the knee, that had a slit higher than five inches or that was a two piece dress. Males were not allowed to wear blue jeans or boots and had to dress in formal wear for the prom.

The theme for Prom 2019 was “Glitter and Gold.” The PHS prom committee was in charge of coming up with plans and decorations. They arrived early at the museum to set up the decorations, and they were the last to leave that night.

The senior walk was performed at 9:00pm that night. The seniors walked down a pathway that was created by the juniors attending the prom. Some seniors walked down the aisle with their escort on their arm; however, some did choose to walk alone.

After all of the seniors had walked, prom king and queen were crowned by Kelsey Nobles, Teague Burchfield and Lewis Bradford. PHS prom king was Will Sanford and queen was Morgan Boyd.

“For my first time prom I think that Pelahatchie High School gave me the best experience! It was a fun night hanging out with friends and staff,” Hannah Steadham, a junior this year, exclaimed about her first time at prom. Upcoming seniors and juniors are looking forward to planning 2020 prom!