Pelahatchie powerlifting goes to state meet


Gunner Till lifting while he was at the meet (photo credit Kimberly Till).

Levi Goldman, Staff Writer

Pelahatchie’s powerlifting team competed at the state meet on April 13.     

The powerlifting team has training since the end of football season so that they could do the best they could when the time came around. They were proud of the work that put in and how they did.

Gunner Till, one of the powerlifters for Pelahatchie, said “We trained and prepared the best and hardest that we could since the end of football season but sometimes people are just simply stronger than you and that’s that.”

The powerlifters worked hard  to train for this day. Everyday since football season they have been lifting weights. And on saturdays and some sundays they have twoa days which is when they lift weights in the morning and the afternoon. They also all went on a diet to try to get into lower weight classes. Weight classes are when theyget grouped up with.

Sam Williams the football/ powerlifting coach said,” I’m really proud of all my guys and the work that they put in and I’m excited to what happens next year with this group that is coming up and trying to make improvements.”

Even though the team didn’t do as well as they expected, they are still preparing for next year.