Sophmores and Juniors are Battling the US History State Test

Dana Bennett, Staff Writer

Juniors and sophomores at all Rankin County schools are taking the US History State Test on May 9, 2019. Students have all day to complete the test.  

All of the history teachers at Pelahatchie High, Mrs. McMillian, Mr. Cotnam, Mrs.Skinner, Coach Wilder, and Coach Nutt, are doing a boot camp for all sophomores and juniors taking the test.

On May 6,  sophomores and juniors will take the day to go over every important era they learned in US History this school year. Classes will be taught in chronological order. Each group of students will rotate from one class to the other.

Mrs. McMillian will have Industrialization, immigration, gilded age, and progressivism. Mr. Cotnam will teach JFK, LBJ, and Civil Rights. Coach Wilder has World War 2 and the Cold War. Mrs. Skinner has imperialism and World War 1. Coach Nutt has 1920s and The Great Depression.

Mrs. McMillian teaches Advanced Placement US History, US History, Economics, and Government. “One last chance to have all the Us History students to hear the main highlights of everything we’ve studied this year, one more push to get it all reviewed” said McMillian.

The US History teachers are trying their hardest to get everything reviewed in the next few weeks so that their students can do well on this test.

“We expect our students to do their best and perform well because we have all worked hard all
year. I wish everyone good luck on the test” Mcmillian said.