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Oh, the Places You Will Go

April 25, 2019

Senior staff writers Jessica Smith and Brianna Rowland share their articles that focus on the 2019 senior class in some way.

Senior’s Farewell Survey


Seniors Brenna Renfroe and Jessica Smith smile brightly after finishing their last newspaper articles for the year.

Alexander Graham Bell once said, “As one door closes, another one opens.” Out of all of the students in Pelahatchie High School, the 2019 seniors understand this phrase the best. They have less than a month before walking across stage, and many have already made their decisions for their next steps.

Recently, several seniors participated in a survey about their high school memories, plans after graduation, and advice they want to leave with the underclassmen.

Everyone who participated in the survey said they are going to attend college, both community colleges or four year universities, including Hinds, Southern Miss, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State.

Along with future plans, the seniors also reflected on their past four years, recalling both fond and upsetting memories.

Senior Brenna Renfroe, who is planning on attending Southern Miss in the fall, said her fondest memory was during band camp.

“It was the end of an exhausting week of band camp at the very beginning of the year. Mrs. E tricked us all into marching outside in a straight line. We heard shouts, and before we knew it, the drum line came tearing around the corner carrying water balloons. We all screamed and went running all across the school. A few of us ran all the way to the front of campus to hide behind the auditorium. We luckily managed to come out unscathed. It was so much fun!” Renfroe exclaimed in the survey.

Sadly, not everyone’s memories of high school are happy. Amanda Trest says that she will not look back on her senior year with affection because of certain people. Trest said that the only thing she would change about her senior year would be the people she surrounded herself with”because they never helped me grow as a person.”

Each senior had very similar pieces of advice for the up and coming seniors and other underclassmen, but Jessica Smith’s response summarized their feelings the best. All underclassmen need to heed her advice.

Smith said, “Enjoy your high school experience and make memories because it goes by in the blink of an eye.”

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Senior Carmen Hamilton Reminisces Her Journey Through High School


Senior Carmen Hamilton poses for one of her last senior prom pictures.

As warmer weather approaches and the school year is coming to a close, seniors have realized that their high school experience is coming to an end. Students are rushing to turn in late assignments and preparing for state tests and exams, but the seniors are soaking in all they can before their final day.

Hamilton’s high school journey has not been the easiest one, but she has made it a priority to finish strong. As her high school career is nearing the end, she realized that she has enjoyed it more than she first thought. Hamilton says that when she thinks about high school the first thing that comes to mind is “the people and all the diverse personalities you get to experience for four years.”

She loves that she can just walk around campus and meet someone who could be entirely different from her. Hamilton’s favorite year of high school was her freshman year because it was a time filled with fun and one embarrassing  event that she will never forget.

“My favorite part of high school was when Colonel Hargett laughed because of the reactions from other people,” she said. Although Hamilton was said to have several people who impacted her high school life, she chose Mrs. Mac to be her biggest inspiration. “Mrs. Mac has always cared and pushed her students to succeed because she knows that we can, and I love that about her,” said Hamilton.

The hardest part about high school for Hamilton has been keeping friends that she once thought would never leave her side. On the other hand, the easiest part for her has been making friends. Hamilton pictured high school to be an easy journey with many activities, but she found out that it held more drama than anything and proved to be harder than she anticipated.

Hamilton’s post high school plans are to attend Hinds Community College (both Rankin and Raymond campuses) for two years and then to spend the rest of her college career at Mississippi State University. She plans to major in Animal Science and that is what she wants to earn her degree in. “I love animals, and I think that I would excel in this field,” she said.

As her senior year begins to get closer and closer, Hamilton left advice for her peers that she will be leaving behind on graduation night. She said, “Choose your friends wisely; Focus on school but do not forget to have fun.” She also used the saying made by Dr. Burchfield, the principal, which is “Grind it out.”

Hamilton took the quote from Dr. Burchfield to heart because it has encouraged to finish on top even when she wanted to give up, and she wanted to pass that down to her fellow Chieftains.

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