Bring the Soul Movie Offers Impactful Insight to Stardom Struggles


Photo courtesy Big Hit Entertainment

BTS is the top best-selling singing group in South Korea of all time, and they are hitting cinemas for the third time with Bring the Soul.

Laura Renfroe, Staff Writer

Wembley Stadium. 90,000 seats sold out. The stage practically pulses with energy as the seven-piece boy band sings one of their biggest hits, their bodies drenched with sweat as they dance the choreography with burning vitality. The fans scream and sing along even though they don’t know the words.

This is but a small example of how BTS (acronym for “Beyond the Scene”) has impacted the world. The boy group from South Korea has sold over 15 million albums and is causing a frenzy of obsession for their upbeat and diverse music in the United States.

The group has won Top Social Artist three years in a row and Top Duo/Group at the 26th Billboard Music Awards. And these are just a few of the group’s many achievements.

But what did this success cost?

BTS returns to the silver screen for their third movie release Bring the Soul: The Movie. The film begins on a rooftop table in Paris where the seven boys humbly share their concert stories over the course of a large Parisian meal and, of course, bubbling champagne.

The film lets fans experience the struggles the boy group faced; it also gives fans the time to bask in the group’s triumphs. The members’ showcase of how much they care and how hard they work for their fans feels intensely personal and beautiful.

ARMYs (BTS devotees) were absolutely head over heels for Bring the Soul. Holding an exceptionally high rating of 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, fans couldn’t be happier about the film’s success.

Though some critics claim the movie is a “shallow cash-grab,” the BTS fanbase really appreciated it and were more than willing to whip out their wallets to see their favorite group on-screen.

The film opened to $4.4 million in the U.S. and $8.2 million overseas for a global total of $12.6 million, and tickets are still selling.

The story is refreshing and heartwarming, but also eye-opening. Seeing the struggles the boys encounter pulls at moviegoers’ heartstrings and really provides an insight into some of the downsides that come with stardom.

“Music transcends language. BTS communicates with our fans by staying true to ourselves and believing in music every day,” leader RM once said.

With this movie, we experience a behind-the-scenes story brimming with emotion. Filled with laughter and tears, Bring the Soul paints a lively and multi-layered ambience, letting fans experience their hardships and friendships right alongside them.

Cinematically pleasing as well as emotionally inspiring, the movie balances clips of the members sleeping on plane trips with heart-racing concert shots. The vibrant, colorful world of BTS’ concerts displayed in the film is undoubtedly captivating, ripe with stunning shots and resounding music.

“Trafalgar Releasing is thrilled to collaborate with Big Hit Entertainment again for Bring the Soul: The Movie, giving fans around the world an intimate opportunity to see the band following their landmark Love Yourself tour,” said Trafalgar CEO Marc Allenby in an interview with Hollywood Reporter. “The ARMYs are truly a community, and we are excited to bring them together for an all-new BTS experience in cinemas worldwide.”

Many love BTS because they always manage to never fall under the celebrity persona of “rich and selfish.” The care the members have for each other is truly inspiring, and watching this on the big screen is extra special.

“I love BTS and seeing them working so hard and being so sincere just solidifies our special bond with them. We are not just artist and fans,” Rotten Tomatoes reviewer Cheryl B. stated.

“We are a unique and special family. They speak to all of us from every generation who are still working towards learning to love ourselves, faults and all. I can’t express fully just how genuine these 7 boys are,” she finished.

The film successfully brings tears to your eyes, makes you laugh, and doesn’t fail to make you want to dance and sing along with the passionate concerts throughout the tour.

“Many things in Bring the Soul stood out to me. Perhaps what stood out and hurt me the most, however, was how strenuous and tiring a life they live,” PHS graduate Brenna Renfroe stated.

“Touring musicians, especially K-pop groups like BTS who have to not only give their all vocally but also give their all for the choreo each night, live a very exhausting lifestyle. They are pushing the limits of the human body, and it hurts to see them suffering. They push themselves so hard,” Renfroe said.

The movie takes fans through BTS’ “Love Yourself” tour in Europe, which included 24 concerts in 12 cities. Backstage and pre-concert clips offers aspects of BTS that many fans hadn’t seen before. The harsh realities of being an idol are put into the spotlight through the course of the film: the fatigue, the injuries, the long plane flights.

One particular scene touched many moviegoers’s hearts. Vocalist Taehyung (who goes by the stage name V) loses his voice going into a concert, only to find that the fans sing for him.

“The scene where V was trying so hard just to get his voice to work, and failing, really hit me and still sticks with me now,” Renfroe stated. “He couldn’t sing a single note, but the fans in the concert sang for him, and that was an absolutely touching scene.”

One of the biggest themes of the film was promoting BTS’ goal for ARMYs: to love yourself. The boy group’s lyrics constantly support this concept, and fans from all over are touched every day by them.

“On their new album, Love Yourself: Tear, the group’s youngest member, Jungkook, helped write and produce a song called ‘Magic Shop’ that features honest lyrics like, ‘On a day you hate being yourself, on a day you want to disappear forever, let’s build a door to your mind,’ and ‘I wanted to comfort you, move you, I want to end your sadness and pain. You gave me the best of me, so you’ll give you the best of you,’” fan Nezariel Scott wrote.

“If you’re not part of the BTS fan community, it might not seem like a lot, but for those of us who are, that song could save a life. It’s another reminder that their fans’ well-being is genuinely important to all seven members,” she finished.

Bring the Soul shows just that. The film is definitely worth the watch whether or not you’re a fan of the music. The members’ stories are destined to touch your heart.